Monday, October 12, 2009

Philip Huang & Shih-Han Hsiao Editorial for Vogue Hommes Nippon #3, Fall 2009/Winter 2010

Shih-Han Hsiao looks like a pretty looking 'girl'.

Models: Philip Huang (Pure) & Shih-Han Hsiao (New York)
Editorial: Idol Worship
Magazine: Vogue Hommes Nippon #3, Fall 2009/Winter 2010
Photographer: Josh Olins
Stylist: Shun Watanabe
Hair: Shay Ashual
Makeup: Maki Ryoke



Anonymous said...

OMG I love it

Pretty remarkable that Vogue Nippon Homme use Chinese models

Asian models and fashion magazine - unite :)

Love your blog

Anonymous said...

this is so gay :/
hate the styling as well

Chic Noir said...

geez I so didn't get that the model on the right(my) was a guy. He really does loook like a female.

Anonymous said...

great to see Phillip. i really like the androgynous newcomer! and ABOUT TIME vogue nippon uses asian models im sick to death of them using only caucasians.

and anon i think they are styled as Billy Idol.

Anonymous said...

wow.. this is terrible. concept has been done before but relaly the problem is the makeup, styling and photography. philip looks like i styled him. they paid someone to put his make up on? hsiao i thought was gwen lu! haha

Anonymous said...

i am an avid reader of this blog and this is the worst that ive seen of philip. why did they pick this shot? it looks like he got beat up.

carmen c said...

he is stunning~~~oh Shih Han is so good looking~~^3^

AriL said...

Stunning shot, love the concept and of course the choice of models, i love Philip ^^ Can't wait to see the full ed!

AMB said...

I think they are style to look like Duran Duran. If you look at the full editorial, there are models styled as Boy George, The Cure, etc.

thwany said...

i think the editors/stylists might have had good intentions, but too bad it was poorly executed.

Anonymous said...

just no.