Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kiki Kang Editorial for Vogue Taiwan, October 2009

Model: Kiki Kang (New York)
Editorial: Picasso Attitude
Magazine: Vogue Taiwan, October 2009
Photographer: Akos Simon of
Stylist: Keiko Hitotsuyama
Makeup: David Tibolla
Hair: Rodney @ Art Department



FND said...

Like I said before, I'm beginning to really enjoy her. She has a strong presence and a very sharp look. Once she grows a bit older and lose a bit of the babyfat on her face she will be even more stunning.

Anonymous said...

im sorry, i just don't like her. the last pic is the only one i like..

Anonymous said...

The makeup in photo #1 is not very flattering. It makes her look tired and sleepy. The color should have extended beyond the eyelid to the bottom of her brow OR blended in to create a seamless palette.

Glamour Bbey. said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful! love the bold brows!
in the last pic she looks like chanel iman.

stranger. said...

The last photo looks like Chanel Iman!

Anonymous said...

she looks like ugly betty LOL