Friday, October 23, 2009

Hyoni Kang & Selina Khan Editorial for Teen Vogue, August 2009

Models: Hyoni Kang (Ford) & Selina Khan (One Model)
Editorial: Next Top Models
Magazine: Teen Vogue, August 2009
Photographer: Jason Kibbler
Stylist: Anne Cardenas

Source: Simple Shoes (Photo 1), (Photo 2) & Olivarose @ Flickr (Photo 3)


Anonymous said...

all three are gorgeous. love hyoni kang's outfit in 3rd pic.
does anyone know what selina khan's country of origin is?

Anonymous said...

selina is cute but if the industry is trying to represent "indian", i've seen much better looking "ordinary" people..

thwany said...

honestly, i've seen hyoni kang around the city a few times. once i was walking behind her and her 2 friends in koreatown and she seemed pretty bitchy. ever since then, i've been pretty w/e about her.

FND said...

Selina is cute and fresh. I dont think her story is Indian. She's from Antilles. So I believes she represents a mixed Island beauty. Didnt like her earlier coz she looked too young..but I'm loving her she has grown into a fresh faced exotic.

She will have lots of work this season.