Friday, September 18, 2009

New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010; Friday, September 18

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows from the New York Fashion Week. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Ai Tominaga: 1
Caroline: 2
Charo Ronquillo: 1
Danni Li: 12 [open: 1, close: 2]
Daniel Liu: 1
Daul Kim: 7
Du Juan: 6 [close: 1]
Emi: 1
Emma Pei: 16 [close:1]
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 14 [close: 1, open: 1]
Hye Park: 5
Hyoni Kang: 16 [open: 1, close: 1]
Irene: 2
Jasmine Yan: 2
Kiki Kang: 10 + 1? (Marchesa)
Koo Kim: 5 + 1? (Poleci)
Lakshmi Menon: 11 [close: 1]
Liu Wen: 23
Masson Ge: 2 (open: 1)
Meki Saldana: 2
Mey Bun: 3 [close: 1]
Philip Huang: 1
Rachel Rutt: 18 [close: 1]
Razia Khan: 1 [close: 1]
Selina Khan: 8
Shu Pei: 20
Tao Okamoto: 25 [open: 2, close: 2]
Xiaoyi Dai: 1
Xiao Wang: 3
Yuka: 1

Model: Tao Okamoto
Designer: Alexandre Herchcovitch

Models: Caroline & Xiao Wang
Designer: Allude

Models: Du Juan & Liu Wen
Designer: Anna Sui

Model: Koo Kim & Danni Li (open)
Designer: Gen Art

Model: Tao Okamoto
Designer: Issac Mizrahi

Models: Danni Li & Lilian
Designer: Kimberly Ortiz

Model: Meki Saldana
Designer: Loris Diran

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva
Designer: L'wren Scott

Models: Shu Pei & Selina Khan
Designer: Milly

Model: Kiki Kang
Designer: Naeem Khan

Model: Liu Wen
Designer: Phi

Models: Mey Bun, Koo Kim, Danni Li (close), Kiki Kang, Caroline, Masson Ge (open), Xiao Wang, Irene & Unknown 2
Designer: ThreeasFour

Models: Tao Okamoto & Lakshmi Menon
Designer: Tommy Hilfiger

Model: Tao Okamoto
Designer: Trias


Anonymous said...

The first girl at Allude isn't Koo Kim but Caroline from Q Models.

The first girl in the Kimberly Ortiz pictures isn't Selina Khan but Yulia with VNY. The last girl is Lillian from Basic.

Eugenia didn't do Threeasfour. The girl mistaken for her is Caroline from Q. That is indeed Masson Ge. And mystery model #2 is Irene.

AMB said...

Thank you very much for the help, Anon.

Can you look through the other posts and see if you can ID the unknown models?

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The model in Loris Diran is surely not Charo. But I've seen her in The Fashion Show (that TV show) so many times.

Anonymous said...

The girl that is not Charo is Meki Saldana. Another model from the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

The girl in Loris Diran is not Charo. She's Meki Saldana.

AriL said...

Mey Bun and Jen Chia were both at Betsey Johnson!!

kokyat said...

Thank you for your time, 辛苦嗮!

Anonymous said...

Rachel Rutt did total of 20.

Brian Reyes
Julian Louie
Dennis Basso
Erin Wasson x RVCA
Cushnie et Ochs
Cynthia Steffe
Rachel Comey
A Detacher
Julie Haus
Zero Maria Cornejo
Charlotte Ronson
Wayne (closed)
Jeremy Laing
Christian Cota
Frank Tell
Tadashi Shoji
Nicholas K
Alexander Berardi

Anonymous said...

Hyoni is now working in London

Anonymous said...

Rachel Rutt was in Mark Fast's and she closed the show.

Laila said...

Thanks for the list... I saw Ai T at Phillip, she's walked for his spring '07 show too i rmb, most asian designers support asian models.

watching out for all the new names, at least now i can identify them better.

Anonymous said...

threeasfour mystery girl #1 and Allude mystery girl are Xiao Wang.

Mathias said...
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