Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2010; Tuesday, September 15

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows from the New York Fashion Week. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Charo Ronquillo: 1
Danni Li: 5 [close: 1]
Daul Kim: 6
Du Juan: 6 [close: 1]
Emi: 1
Emma Pei: 13
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 12 [close: 1, open: 1]
Hye Park: 4
Hyoni Kang: 11 [open: 1, close: 1]
Irene: 1
Jasmine Yan: 2
Kiki Kang: 7
Koo Kim: 3 + 1?? (Poleci)
Lakshmi Menon: 9 [close: 1]
Liu Wen: 18
Masson Ge: 1
Mey Bun: 1 [close: 1]
Philip Huang: 1
Rachel Rutt: 16 [close: 1]
Razia Khan: 1 [close: 1]
Selina Khan: 7
Shu Pei: 14
Tao Okamoto: 17 [open: 2, close: 1]
Xiaoyi Dai: 1
Yuka: 1

Model: Rachel Rutt
Designer: Brian Reyes

Models: Shu Pei & Danni Li (close)
Designer: Devi Kroell

Model: Selina Khan
Designer: Malandrino

Model: Shu Pei
Designer: Matthew Ames

Models: Du Juan & Tao Okamoto
Designer: Marc Jacobs

Model: Eugenia Mandzieva (close)
Designer: Mulberry

Model: Liu Wen
Designer: Rodarte

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva (open)
Designer: Sophie Theallet

Models: Hyoni Kang, Liu Wen & Rachel Rutt
Designer: Tadashi Shoji

Models: Shu Pei & Emma Pei
Designer: Vera Wang

Model: Selina Khan
Designer: Yeohlee


Anonymous said...

Tao closes Marc by Marc Jacobs!
A very great feat for an Asian model! she' HUGE this season!

Anonymous said...

According to, Rachel Rutt was in Mulberry 2010 RTW.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Rutt was also at Christian Cota.

Anonymous said...

duane said...

Rachel's doing very well for herself!

AMB said...

Anon #2, and are labeling different shows/models for Mulberry. Weird!

I will have to do some investigation into it.

mode.ulation said...

Many Asian models seem to do well this season =) Rachel looks like the new rising star!

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