Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Liu Wen Editorial for Vogue China, October 2009

OMG, I am soooo frigging in love with this editorial. It's probably one of the best studio work I've seen in Vogue China.
Liu Wen just blew this out of the water. The styling and lighting are superb.

Note to Other Magazines:
You DO NOT have to use crazy hair AND kooky makeup on Asian models. Pick one and leave the rest alone.

Note to Those Who Love Clothes: Click on the photos to appreciate the amazing details in the fabric and construction of the clothes. Special thanks to Kazaf @ tFs for the HQ scans. I've been salivating over amazing details on the Lanvin, Prada and Dior dresses.

Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Editorial: The Essence Of Red
Magazine: Vogue China, October 2009
Photographer: Kai Z Feng
Stylist: Jamie Surman

Source: Kazaf @ tFs


Anonymous said...

3,4, 9, 10, 11 are my fave (thats like.. half) haha. the styling is great. love all the SHOES. and red, that just pops!

Anonymous said...

wow, they slicked her up real good..

-h said...

i want to thank the stylists for not using the nini ricci boots that are all over the place. it annoys me because they werent even produced.
great style. and i agree that it was nice that they kept the face simple when the hair and the clothes already making enough of a statement. i dont like when too many things are competing for attention

b for bhisan said...

magnifique :)

Anonymous said...

IMPECCABLE! Kai Z Feng is great!

also asianmodelsblogger i would like to see more of your input and opinions.

FND said...

Obviously inspired by Prada AW09. I love Liu Wen here...obviously she is more confident now so it comes out really good.

AMB said...

I always find Liu Wen a little bland from neck up but I love her body proportion -- super long legs and short torso. But she really worked the camera in this editorial.

Du Juan, on the other hand, has a beautiful face but her torso is too long. She's 5'10" but looks shorter.

FND said...

I think people have discovered that Liu's is not the next Du Juan thus have stopped trying to shape her to be one. Du's all about regal elegance and beauty which Liu cant be, Liu Wen on the other hand has a steamy yet tough sensuality that I dont think Du has. Du is the queen, while Liu Wen is the sexy warrior woman. I think the agency realized that as well, and Liu's been getting a lot of better photoshoot lately as it is geared correctly towards her special attributes.

I love the toughness she brought into these outfits, it gives them an extra edge.