Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shu Pei & Kim Koo Editorial for US Teen Vogue, September 2009

Models: Shu Pei (Next) & Koo Kim (Wilhelmina)
Editorial: Urban Legends
Magazine: US Teen Vogue, September 2009
Photographer: Arthur Elgort
Stylist: Heathermary Jackson
Hair: Fred Vandebunt
Makeup: Jenna Menard

Source: MissMagAddict @ tFs


Anonymous said...

teen vogue means teen vogue. shu pei looks sooo young and kim koo looks even younger! kinda like a girl who i went to school with.

kokostiletto said...

So pretty!

thwany said...

i don't know how i feel about kim koo. she's very different looking, but at the same time i'm not sure if it's in a good or bad way.

Anonymous said...

haha thawny. i know how i feel about Koo Kim...not attractive. even for model standard. not cutting edge either. it was as if Teen Vogue picked some girl walking on the streets in Korea.

but then again, it is teen vogue.

adrin said...

That's so cool.

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Anonymous said...

she isn't korean.