Monday, August 10, 2009

Hye Park Editorial for (Brazil) Wish Report,

Note to magazine editors/stylists -- you; yes, I'm talking to you -- this is how you do an editorial with Hye Park!

Model: Hye Park (Trump)
Editorial: Cool Streets
Magazine: (Brazil) Wish Report, July/August 2009 (??)
Photographer: David Roemer/Atelier Management
Stylist: Matheus Mazzafera
Hair: Robert Lyon/Atelier Management
Makeup: Alice Lane/Jed Root

Website: atelier management via Design Scene


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Wow! That's an amazing editorial!!

Queen of Mayhem said...

she's so cool.

i'm jealous!

Rafe New York said...

what a great story!

b for bhisan said...

great !

the styling is kool ! :D ! she is one fierce lady in fur. in afternoon. hmmm.

AMIT said...

Excellent model pictures.

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Rodney said...

My favourites are 3 and 5

Amy said...

She's stunning. Very impresive.

Anonymous said...

ugh she's wearing fur! Gross!

Anonymous said...

I think Hye can only really pull off one look successfully/attractively. And it's the long flowing hair, fashionista look. She kinda sucks at the edgier stuff.

Face Studios Photography said...

Nice work!

trina's reality said...

She looks amazing.