Thursday, July 16, 2009

Huang Xiao Meng Ad Campaign for Shanghai Tang, Spring/Summer 2009

Model: Huang Xiao Meng (Estar Models)
Ad Campaign: Shanghai Tang, Spring/Summer 2009
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Shanghai Tang


Anonymous said...

Her facial structure is definitely different from a lot of the other asian models I've seen on here lately!

Anonymous said...

It looks a lot like Du Juan, but it is a bit hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

Her name is Zhang Xiao Meng and is represented by Synergy Model in Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Huang XiaoMeng

Asian Models Blogger said...

Can you guys post a link to her agency site or information about her?

I googled her name and I kept getting a male actor/model.

la_sonnambula said...

Here you go:

Googling is easier if you separate her name into "Huang Xiao Meng" or if you use her name in Chinese characters (黄晓萌).

Found a Marie Claire editoral here: