Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Philip Huang Editorial for Taiwan GQ Magazine (??)

Model: Philip Huang (Pure)
Editorial: African Safari
Magazine: Taiwan GQ (??), 2009 (??)
Photographer: Nick Leary

Source: Ford Homme Paris (Photo 1) & Pure Management NYC (Photos 2 & 3)


Anonymous said...

looks good to me! although that first pic doesnt really look like him...?

Anonymous said...

My fac is the last pic FIERCE!

Anon what do u mean? the man in the back seat is Philip lol

Anonymous said...

it is fierce, i agree. i like it too! maybe the top pic is too small and the pixels messed up his head. it doesnt look like him to me!

Anonymous said...

i dont like philip hwang. only bcoz he is tall i think....

Anonymous said...

i really don't understand his appeal. there are far better looking models out there. A perfect example is Rojam Wang, whom i think is absolutely gorgeous.

Will someone please explain to me the phenomenon that is Philip Wang?

thanks : )

Laila said...

he did very well at the recent menswear fashion as usual... he was look #4 at Gucci.