Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sharina Gutierrez Editorial for US Elle, June 2009

Model: Sharina Gutierrez (Trump)
Editorial: First Look June 2009
Magazine: (US) Elle, June 2009
Photographer: Thomas Whiteside
Stylist: Kate Lanphear
Hair: Peter Lennon (DeFacto for Redkin)
Makeup: Mary Douglas (the Wall Group)
Manicure: Jacqueline Saulsbery (Mark Edward Inc.)



pangea said...

She is perfect


Anonymous said...

that expression doesn't do it for me...

Anonymous said...

its so interesting to read the polar extreme comments on here. anyways, yea her expression isnt the best and her abs could use some work but her legs look great. finally, this girl gets some work! (the asian kate moss) i havent seen her in anything in a long long time. i hope she gets more!

The Stiletto Effect said...

So, so cool :)