Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liu Wen Editorial for Vogue China, April 2009

Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Editorial: Dresses of Time
Magazine: Vogue China, April 2009
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Joanna Schlenzka

Source: Aja Mok @ Aja Fashion Scans


duane said...


Anonymous said...

wow. i loved each and every shot. she is drop dead gorgeous!

FND said...

im beginning to feel that she's getting more comfortable in front of the camera and she is now sensual and elegant at her most relaxed.

great editorial. cant wait to see how she develops further.

s said...

that was fantastic...each picture seemed to escalate in intensity! such understated subtle glamour.

Chic! said...

girl this is stunning photos. Simplicity at its best!

Anonymous said...

well i think you guys should have credited the photographer instead
Im falling in love with the photographer's skills

Anonymous said...

I love Liu Wen, but what a horrible editorial. Liu shows no versatility.