Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emma Pei Editorial of L'Officiel China, February 2009

This is probably incomplete because I think there are more photos/images from the editorial. If anyone has the complete set, please let me know.

Model: Emma Pei (IMG)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: L'Officiel China, February 2009
Photographer: Feng Hai

Source: paradisenotforme @ tFs


Anonymous said...

i like the curve of the first shot.. the second is striking and angular.. cool in an awkward robotic way.

b for bhisan said...

emma pei knows how to pose and is very creative model.

but i wonder if it is the styling or photographer that it never manages to execute well. or maybe the editor choices of images.

i have seen her in some hong kong magazines and they never manage to capture her properly.

Anonymous said...

Check this new girl!

Anonymous said...

there is still some fore of Du Juan from the same editorial
go check out her fashion spot page

Anonymous said...

here you go
post #5348

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks, Anon #4 for the information.