Monday, June 29, 2009

Alyssah Ali Editorial for (US) Marie Claire, May 2009

Introducing Alyssah Ali, a new girl in IMG's Development Division. Alyssah is Canadian of Indian and Spanish descent.

Model: Alyssah Ali (IMG)
Editorial: Shore Thing
Magazine: US Marie Claire, May 2009
Photographer: Anne Menke
Fashion Editor: Zanna Roberts

Source: MissMagAddict @ tFs


-h said...


qifa said...

i can't really see her face in this editorial...but quite amazing though!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love her!!i hope to see her in the main board

FND said...

lookin good but too much like Miss Menon. May I suggest a hair cut?

Anonymous said...

looks good, i think softer than menon but my complaint is that i cant really see her face anyways with so many profiles and sun glare.

Laila said...

she's beautiful, and what a mix.

pan asians are really 'in' this days.

There's Rachel Rutt and now Alyssah. Love her look, hopefully IMG doesn't put a foot wrong and really develope her into a star.

theiconixphoto said...

Great photos! I love the use of the natural lighting.


Dusk said...

Love love LOVE her! The 4th pic is divine! also loving that yellow Emillio Pucci dress!


Anonymous said...

She's actually Trinidadian and not of Indian or Spanish decent. Born in Canada of Trinidadian parents, get it right!