Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Liu Dan Editorial for China Elle, June 2009

Model: Liu Dan (MC2)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: China Elle, June 2009
Photographer: Li Qi
Makeup: Ding Jian Ya
Hair: Parco Cheung

Source: Sabrina Dong


-h said...

i love the 2nd & 3rd dresses

Anonymous said...

she doesn't do it for me. eh.

a chan said...

can she ever close her mouth?

but some pic is nice.

just very blank face expression..

Asian Models Blogger said...

Well, I think her mouth is her signature look. And in this industry, each girl needs a memorable feature so casting agents and photographers will remember them.

Jackie baba said...

She looks like my cousin Amanda...though i hate her...my cousin i mean not the model. These pictures are really pretty!

achan said...

haha i guess so,
because her lips gets my attention first, its has a very nice pouty look.

Ilse said...

wow she's gorgeous! o_o

Laine said...

A smokey eye on Asian eyes that don't make the girl look like she got punched in the face or needs more sleep.

Loving the colours against her dark hair