Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gwen Lu Editorial for (US) Zink Magazine, May 2009

Model: Gwen Lu (Elite), Megan Kuitems (Elite) & Jordan Richardson (VNY)
Editorial: The Hairess
Magazine: Zink Magazine, May 2009
Photographer: David Joseph Perez
Stylist: Julie Brooke Williams
Art Director: Joshua Chaney
Hair: Christina McCarver
Makeup: Emi Kaneko



Anonymous said...

seems like ur blog is mainly featuring Gwen Lu.
I've seen a lot of editorials from Liu Dan and Du Juan that u didnt post

Anonymous said...

well, then, you should let amb know where you found them so they can put it up!

gwen looks so different here. i didn't recognize her. i love the art direction! also, they did so many shots of her! i love it!

Anonymous said...

i did, but then he totally ignored the posts

Laila said...

i love Zink magazine. it's so underrated. they use a lot of not so known models and photographers. the editorials are superb!!

FND said...

gwen looks fab..

if u want more dujuan and not happy with this site, start ur own babe. conrad is doing his best with this site..

meki said...

again, she looks ok in her solo shots but overpowered by the two models in the last shot.

Anonymous said...

Second Shot is a winner ! It's a very nice profile of Gwen and i wish i could see more of that. Her facial expressions and body language work with the shots. I can read her. She did the shot with such conviction. Love it !

Totally disagree with Meki's Comment. It is funny that you would just say something without having a reason to support your point of view.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks FND and Anon above for the vote of confidence.

I still get negative comments occasionally but as long as the criticisms are constructive, I leave it alone.