Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ling Tan in Sex & the City, Season 4 Episode 2

I was watching the reruns of Sex & the City on TV last night and saw Ling Tan in an episode entitled, Real Me where Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) fell on the runway.

Model: Ling Tan (IMG)
Show: Sex & the City, Season 4, Episode 2 (June 2001)

Source: YouTube


Laila said...

I remember that scene, super classic. Didn't notice Ling Tan though.

Btw, Du Juan is on China Vogue's cover again, this time for May.

SK said...

good eyes!!

have you seen hyoni and sung yang on eluxury?

Luuworld said...

she's gorgeous, that ling tan. an asian kate moss.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Ling was the model who was on the runway before Carrie Bradshaw came out and tripped. :-)

Does anyone have the DVD and a clearer, cleaner shot?

Manuel Fraga said...

Me gusta la selección de fotografías de tu blog, enhorabuena por el trabajo. He puesto un link en mi blog de moda.