Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Charo Ronquillo Editorial for Seventeen Magazine, March 2009

Model: Charo Ronquillo (Ford)
Editorial: Hot Stuff
Magazine: Seventeen, March 2009
Photographer: David Roemer
Stylist: Anna Levak
Hair: David Cruz
Makeup: Keiko Hiramoto

Source: Zinio


Lorena said...

Hey! I believe you have the best database on Asian models. I recently saw one and am interested in knowing more about her, but am lost

I know it's not so easy to tell by just this single pic, but I thought I will try. Do you by any chance know who she is?



meki said...

charo like gwen has been based in new york for so long. they should move on or go back to asia where they could make more money.

dont you think that charo looks the same in every pictures? she has a more commercial look.

Anonymous said...

i thikn she looks cute and appropriate for seventeen editorials. i wonder what wonders someone could do to make her more "high fashion"?

Anonymous said...

Gwen has a couple of editorials on these websites below that i have never seen on before. Go Check them Out !

Asian Models Blogger said...

Lorena - I don't recognize the model. Sorry!

Anon #3, do you know the new photos are from; i.e., which magazine?

Anonymous said...

Asian Models Blogger, I don't which magazine those photos are from. I actually saw those photos on the Model Agencies that Gwen is currently signed with.

Is there a words limit on this Comment board? I just typed a long message here and it didn't get posted.

Anonymous said...

charo looks like kate moss on #8

Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon #4 -- OMG, she DOES look like Kate Moss in the last photo.

FND said...

not really feeling this girl yet. this one is definitely very 17, fun and colorful though i dont think this should be her look. i like her face in the last two shots, and i can see her, if groomed properly, to be a fantastic sultry yet strong girl - coz at some angles I see Vanessa Paradis and Kate Moss.

Groom her well, I see a Polo Ralph Lauren campaign in the book.

Anonymous said...

FND- actually, charo appeared in Ralph Lauren Rugby website a couple of months ago. I've been following her career since her Supermodel of the World 3rd place win and I hope she gets more editorial pages for major magazines soon.

Anonymous said...

This ed was also featured in Seventeen Philippines' April 09 ish. Sadly,the philippine edition is folding and april is their last issue. The white girl was omitted in the philippine version of this pictorial.

Anonymous said...

For more Charo Ronquillo: