Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Han Jin Ad Campaign for (US) GAP, Spring/Summer 2009

It's about time Han Jin gets in a new ad campaign outside of South Korea. This is probably her first major ad campaign since appearing in Moschino print ad in Fall 2007/Winter 2008.

Model: Han Jin (Marilyn)
Ad Campaign: (US) GAP Spring/Summer 2009
Photographer: Mikael Jansson

Source: Zinio.com via Sethii @ tFs


FND said...

Oh man. Big names here. But did they photoshop her face? Doesnt look natural.

Anonymous said...

not a big fan of her

Anonymous said...

^you're just a hater cause you care so much. never bother to leave a statement such as 'I'm not a big fan of someone' thingy.

Anonymous said...

i'm not the same anon as above but why can't someone leave that opinion of her? why is s/he a hater? there are clearly favorites and others we do not appreciate as much. another person is allowed to state that.

Anonymous said...

fnd, they photoshop everyone's face but her face does look extra "defined" or "unnatural".

Sabrina said...

Love the new Gap ad, the girls look great!

Anonymous said...

it's not only Han
Lot of Gap ads are photoshopped

especially the one with DuJuan and Anja R. they look so unnaturally put together by a computer program!

but glad to see han in a campaign, finally!@!@!@!@

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon who wrote right above you. I've noticed someone or a few remarks he/she isn't a big fan of Han Jin with consistency on a good size of Han related posts and I don't think you have much free time that enough to check out all of Han's here though. yes anyone can give a shit or whatsoever to anyone anything on the net basically. but I reckon Asian models blog is more than a chit-chat fansite kind where everyone bitchy and no one cares about it. many of visitors here to support Asian models and to see them much much more times in major fashion world. I'm not a big fan of her;an Asian model appeared in big campaign' thing and even the consistency on it could offend and annoy you really. so leave her alone if you're not a big fan of her most of times when she appears unless you offer reasonable criticism because I believe many of these visitors would be happy to see more Asian faces in fashion. I'm not sure what Asian models blogger who owns this blog would think about it though.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon, I get dumb ass comments all the time on this blog and I delete them as much as I can, especially if the comment is not constructive.

Otherwise, I just leave it alone.

*make love, not war*

FND said...

Each girl has its own strength. Some has looks (e.g. Du, Hye Park), some excel in poses (Emma, Daul), some walks fierce (Hanjin, Hyoni).
The one's the most visible, doesnt mean she's the best, its just that she fits into the agenda of the casting director. They could be looking for anything.

Hanjin is a great runway presence, she walks a fierce walk, a slamming body, uniquely memorable face (hello lips) that adds edge to the clothes. Thats why despite not having campaigns she still rules the runway. When it comes to campaigns, what labels looked for is different and 2 dimensional so thats why, its more about beauty - thus Hye and Du.

The fashion industry is fickle, everyone's looking for mileage and more exposure, so regardless of how strong you are in certain parts, there will always be new girls that are more fresh and more "the flava". But it doesnt mean you're not as good. Its just that, the attention have shifted to someone else.

I have my favorites, but I still think HanJin rocks!

Anonymous said...

hanjin is gorgeous... in that weird, supermodel sense. She's so interesting looking.