Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gwen Lu Editorial for Harper's Bazaar Japan, February 2010

Model: Gwen Lu (Major)
Editorial: Makeup Must-Haves & Skin Essentials
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Japan, February 2010
Photographer: Hiroshi Kutomi/No.2

Source: The Goddess Says


HumanAdult said...

lookin good.

Anonymous said...

gwen is gorgeous! love love love her here! what amazing skin and beautiful features.

Anonymous said...

Good to see they're willing to use other non-Japanese model.

Anonymous said...

she kinda looks japanese...

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SALDANA said...
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Asi Mod said...

Saldana, this is the 5th time I'm deleting your asinine comments. Apparently you have an axe to grind. Go grind it somewhere else!