Monday, January 5, 2009

Lakshmi Menon Ad Campaign for MaxMara, Spring/Summer 2008

I will continuously update the ad campaign photos as new ones come out.

Source: Scanned by Francy Italy @ tFs


Models: Lakshmi Menon and Eniko Mihalik
Ad Campaign: MaxMara, Spring/Summer 2009
Photographer: Craig McDean

Source: Luxx @ tFs


kokostiletto said...

wow lakshmi looks really really good here! nice to see her in a such a big campaign!

theresa said...

I'm so happy for lakshimi! she looks really sophisticated.

laila said...

love the new shot!

i can't wait to see lakshimi's givenchy campaign, hopefully it will be out sometime very soon (in vogue uk...?), she's one of the most stellar asian models in the market now

LILA said...

She's just breath taking!!! Eniko is one of my favourite too but noone can outshine Lakshmi..she's so evry single shot her eyes are so piercing and her body so elegant..Eniko just fades in comparison. I can't wait to see the Givenchy campaign too..i know she and MariaCarla will look great together! I just wish Carine would give her more space in Vogue Paris..she deserves this and so much more success!

Rafe T said...

Lakshmi is fabulous!!!
btw, will you sign up to 'follow my blog'? :-)

Syana said...

on the third pic, the right model looks like Keira Kneightly but in more exotic, no? Not on all of them of course, just this one...