Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mackenzie Hamilton Editorial for China Vogue, August 2007

Model: Mackenzie Hamilton
Editorial: Be Strong In This Tough World
Magazine: China Vogue, August 2007
Photographer: Richard Bush
Styling: Sarah Richardson

Source: Vogue Models


Anonymous said...

i hope mackenzie makes it big because she is a doll!

Juniper Girl said...

oh my god! she and the editorial are fucking gorgeus.

So Yun Um said...

whats her ethnicity?

withasianstereotypes said...

This is an amazing blog, truly and inspiration.

&hearts, withasianstereotypes

The Stiletto Effect said...

She looks awesome!In the 2nd and 3rd pictures I love what they did to the eyebrows! And in the 4th she looks so classy! Love it :)

Laila said...


She's half canadian and half chinese.

anw, I have this issue! (but not sure if it's with me in SG now). I rmb this editorial because of the brows. Not many beauty story does brows this stunning.

Haven't seen Mackenzie lately on the runways or printwork though...

Anonymous said...
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Yoli said...

I did not think she was Asian until last shot. Lovely.