Thursday, November 20, 2008

Emma Pei, Mo Wandan, Liu Wen, Liu Dan, Ge Huijie Editorial for China Vogue, December 2008

I am so in love with this editoria from China Vogue, December 2008. The stylist and photographer did a fabulous job putting the clothes and girls together, and catching the perfect light in the hutong (narrow alley of Beijing). My favorites are photos #1 (Gucci, F08/W09) and #2 (Burberry Prorsum, F08/W09).

The girls all look fabulous here. Interestingly, Liu Wen (the latest break-out star of China) didn't stand out as much as the other girls in the editorial -- she sort of faded behind the stronger faces like Mo Wandan and Liu Dan. Emma Pei also really ROCK-ed in the photos.

Who are the other girls in photos #2 (last two on the right) and #3 (the last girl on the right)?

Models: Emma Pei, Liu Wen, Liu Dan, Mo Wandan, Ge Huijie & others
Editorial: Coats Parade
Magazine: China Vogue, December 2008
Photographer: Feng Hai

Source: 212 @ via Aja Mok @ tFs


Anonymous said...

Emma Pei = LOVE.

FND said...

How can I not love you.

Fashion Tidbits said...

gorgeous pics

ryder said...

they are extraordinary!!!! supermodels!!!! e.pei, mo wandan... and rest i have no words-what an elegance!

Anonymous said...

This was shot in some normal industrial zone, not a hutong or anything like that~

You IDed all the girls. Just five in total.

In photo number two is

number 3

Anonymous said...

#3 (the last girl on the right
is Ge Huijie
acually,I think she's the best girl of the five.She has the quality to be a real fashion icon.
Here's her blog

post by a fashion editor who has shot her in China

Fashion is my Passion said...

beautiful models :)
asian's r the best
but it's a pity that there aren't any vietnamese models... probably the vietnamese r just too small xD

hoshimori said...

I really, really love this editorial. It's beautiful.