Monday, December 1, 2008

Daul Kim Editorial for Korea Vogue, October 2008

Model: Daul Kim
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Korea Vogue, October 2008
Photographer: Oh Joong Seok

Source: Leigh H @ tFs


Anonymous said...

OK , This girl is rocking it !
She got it !
Daul and Han Jin are two of the korean models that i really adore. I really hope that they get more exposures than being regulars on Korea Vogue. It's not bad but it is just that they have so much to offer.

FND said...

Lookin hot. Love Daul!

FND said...

my dream asian girl ed would be to have Lakshmi, Emma Pei & Daul in one spread. I'd die.

The Stiletto Effect said...

Love her Daul's vibe! :)

Btw, do you know this blog?

I found it a few days ago and I love it! Jaime is a korean girl! She is very nice and has this beautiful face! and besides that her blog has so many amazing photos! Some look like real mag editorials hehe

If you don't know it yet, check it out :)

She's a real "non model" asian beauty!

LOVE ******

Fashion Tidbits said...

wow i love this ed. it's totally Daul and i really like that thick, black eyeliner on her

thwany said...

i love korean vogue

Anonymous said...

what do you mean daul lacks exposure in western magazines?
daul is a regular on british fashion magazines like i-D...and has shot with steven miesel for V magazine

Daul has the most fashion editorial actually.

Anonymous said...

Love Her!<3