Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gwen Lu Editorial for Taiwan Vogue, September 2008

Model: Gwen Lu
Editorial: Colorize Me
Magazine: Taiwan Vogue, September 2008
Photographer: Naomi Yang

Source: Naomi Yang (Photos 1 - 5) and Elite Models (Photo 6)


thwany said...


i love the short hair and the photos.

Anonymous said...


love her always!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't feel her energy
and she's not pretty at all

The Stiletto Effect said...

well, i do think she's pretty! love her with that blue outfit and wearing the red jacket.

FND said...

I like the final product. The Naomi Yang own shots that didnt make it to the magazine are not the best angles. LOVE the blue suit and Gwen looks great!