Thursday, September 18, 2008

Xiaoyi Dai Editorial for Singapore Style Magazine, September 2008

Chinese model, Xiaoyi Dai had languished at her first US agency for years without much notice or support. Then something miraculous happened -- Elite Models took her in and placed her under their capable Development Division (for new models). Within weeks, Xiaoyi Dai was walking the runways at New York Fashion Week (10 shows). Hopefully, she will gain further exposure and work under the guidance of Elite Models.

The success of a new model in this industry depends equally on the agency's support, her work ethics and a good deal of luck. Some models don't get the representation they deserved while others get homesick very quickly and leave New York after only a few months of casting calls. The few lucky ones get snapped up by big name photographers immediately and become the next big thing overnight.

The editorial below is from Singapore's top fashion magazine, Style Magazine (Sept 2008 issue). The photos are simply spectacular. The styling is totally avant-garde, and the hair and makeup are superb. You know they spent a lot of time and money on this shoot when you count the number of different hair and makeup changes in this editorial alone.

Model: Xiaoyi Dai
Editorial: Mega Structures
Magazine: Singapore Style Magazine, September 2008
Photographer: Wee Khim
Stylist: Johnny Khoo
Makeup: Elaine Lim
Hair: Junie Tan

Source: via tFs


Anonymous said...

if she doesn't have those kinda clothes there, this ed would be awful. BTW Du Juan has another editorial called "A Matter of Shape" on China Vogue October, ph by Liz Collins

Agnaldo Neiva said...


laila said...

here's the link to du's ed...

Kent Johnson said...

Well I think its a great Editorial! But I don't think the H&MU is any more tricky than on a regular shoot. The hair is really the same (just hats and a pre-made hair piece) and the MU changes are pretty basic.

Works very well though & great styling.

Trait said...

Xiaoyi Dai's on the cover of Style: October edition!

Congrats to her, again!

laila said...

YES! she's on the cover... maybe I can get a scan of it or a shot of it for you?


FND said...

I like the shoot.
But Im not really feeling her yet.
But damn those ed are nice. But I think it will work fantastic with any model.