Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shitomi Gilson & Shien Lee Editorial for UCE Magazine #2 May/June 2008

The Hong Kong movie, In the Mood for Love has inspired hundreds of fashion shoots. I believe there are at least four other fashion editorials on this theme in this blog alone.

Here is another editorial inspired by In the Mood for Love from a new online fashion/design/culture magazine called UCE Magazine. I have to admit, the quality of the content and photogprahy are quite exceptional for an online magazine. It reads like a real paper magazine without resorting to those childish, splashy, ADD-addled contents/typography that are so prevalent in ditigal media publications today.

Model: Shitomi Gibson & Shien Lee
Editorial: Mood for Love
Magazine: UCE Magazine #2, June/July 2008
Photographer: Fillipo Vel Dita
Stylist: Shelley Zhao

Source: UCE Magazine


Anonymous said...

Yikes the girl has some ugly expression in the fourth pic.

No chemistry between the models, and the clothes. Pass!

Juniper Girl said...

God!, i know that she is not maggie cheung but please where is the elegance and charm?

Brigitte said...

I loved that movie but I don't think these pics quite capture the romance of it.

Anonymous said...

i agree... the models have no chemistry and the female model looks more disgusted than anything else.

but i think the idea is magnificent!

Anonymous said...

This is a very good shooting, i am sure the photographer did not want to copy the movie but just to be inspired from it...so we do not need to complain about the romance,elegance and charm.
The female model anyways is not a good one and the clothes are not exceptional, or may be they wanted to keep it easy. The quality of the photography is very high...unfortunately i do not find this photographer on google...i have to check on the magazine if there is any site link.