Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Du Juan & Emma Pei Editorial for China Vogue, September 2008

Du Juan has been on every issue of China Vogue since June 2008 -- that translates to 5 consecutive months of model domination in that magazine. As much as I love Du Juan, I feel that China Vogue needs to expand its gene pool to include other Asian models, including the non-Chinese girls. Granted, it has featured Ai Tominaga (March 2008), Han Jin and Eugenia Mandzhieva (March 2008) and Juliana Imai (January 2008) but there are many more Asian girls in the world than just Chinese girls. Ditto with Vogue Nippon and Korea Vogue. I think Vogue Nippon and Korea Vogue rarely use other Asian girls except those of their own nationality.

That said, this editorial with Du Juan and Emma Pei shot on the streets of New York City for China Vogue, September 2008 is simply amazing. The clothes are spectacular (BRAVO to the stylist) and the city vibe is breathtakingly real. These photos make DKNY's old ad campaigns look almost amateurish -- DKNY is famous for using New York streets as the background for its ads.

Du Juan is great here as usual but Emma Pei blows me away. She is spotting so many moods and looks here that I feel like I'm seeing three different Emmas in this editorial -- my favorite being EVIL EMMA in Photo #9. Love her death stare!! I am terribly disappointed she is not doing any shows in NY, Milan or Paris this year. Does anyone know why she's missing?

N.B.: This is one of my favorite editorials this year. Am soooo loving the New York scene.

Models: Du Juan & Emma Pei
Editorial: Rush Hour
Magazine: China Vogue, September 2008
Photographer: Hans Feurer
Stylist: Alastair McKimm

Source: Aja via Vogue Models


FND said...

Yay for Emma! I'm still her biggest fan and she looks positively gorgeous here and interesting in every frame. DJ is relying on her pretty face for the pictures as usual but Emma tried to make every frame interesting. Love Love Love Ms.Pei! I hope she gets more jobs outside of China Vogue and HK publications. Come on Carine R! We got a new girl for you..

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hans Feuer photography. He shot Hye for Another magazine a while back which was similar to this, and just in general.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

gwen lu on my page

laila said...

omg liu wen walked balenciaga, i thought hye park used to be the resident walker for that show?

and where's du juan too? han jin seems to be slowing down too. hmmm

Anonymous said...

love these!

thwany said...

wow, love these.

Anonymous said...

walk Du Juan walk!!!

Anonymous said...

i think it's because emma pei has the wrong attitude
it doesn't attract her clients

but who knows

she just might be taking a break

Mel said...

aww i wish i have this new issue of CHINA VOGUE. Hands down, one of my favorite editorials of du juan! i love the one of her in the white coat. i also like the one second down from that one in the cream. so luxurious.


Anonymous said...

i think it's good that the magazines use their own people. Frankly, I'm surprised that they use their own models. If you go to Asia and look at advertisements, they're all white. What's up with that?

FND said...

Emma has the wrong attitude?
Wow. Do let us in on the gossip. Ive never heard any bad stories about her so far.

FND said...


Emma pei for Lane Crawford.
I like her walk.

Kent Johnson said...

Arthur Elgort pretty much invented this style of shooting. But who did this??? Maybe the man himself.