Friday, August 22, 2008

Sung Yang, Philip Huang & Hyoni Kang Ad Campaign for Benetton, Fall 2008/Winter 2009

United Colors of Benetton has always featured models of different ethnicities and this season Sung Kang, Philip Huang and Hyoni Kang are the lucky ones. It's great to see male Asian models because there are too few in the industry. Philip Huang and Sung Yang are probably the only Asian guys working consistently in the US.

Models: Sung Yang (Pic 1), Philip Huang (Pics 2 & 3) & Hyoni Yang (Pics 4 & 5)
Ad Campaign: Benetton, Fall 2008/Winter 2009
Photographer: David Sims

Source: Benetton


Anonymous said...

uh, did they actually have a stylist for this shoot?

Anonymous said...

the 2nd&3rd shots're not hyoni
she's Shan Jingya

Anonymous said...

2,3 is Shan Jingya and 4 and 5 with Hyoni is Mackenzie Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Sung Kang? → Sung Yang

Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon #2 & #3: I read that Shan Jingya & Hyoni Kang are in the new Benetton ads. The girl in Photos #4 & #5 is definitely Hyoni Kang. Not sure about the other girl in Photo #2 - #4. She looks Caucasian to me. It could be MacKenzie Hamilton because she's bi-racial and can look non-Asian in some photos. I will look into it. Thanks for the information.

Anon #4 - Thanks for spotting the typo.

Anonymous said...

The girl with Philip is Shang Jingya. The girl with Hyoni isn't a famous model...maybe it's Shu Pei? Or Shiya Zhao? too hard to recognise models when they have big smiles!