Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daul Kim Editorial for Korea Vogue, June 2008

I love Daul Kim in this editorial because the photographer and stylist managed to bring out the softer side of her. Sometimes Daul Kim can come off looking a little hard edged and angry, which does not always translate well into fashion editorials.

But this editorial is perfectly soft, amazingly fluid and utterly sexy. Bravo to the people at Korea Vogue for finding the softer side of Daul Kim.

BTW, is this the full set of photos? Does anyone know if there are more?

Model: Daul Kim
Editorial: Reach for Ricci
Magazine: Korea Vogue, June 2008
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Vogue Models


rockthetrend said...

hey, it's good to see that you are adding your own comments before each set of photos ;)

like daul kim as always. be sure to see her on the ss09 marc jacobs runways, he hinted that he prefer quirky girls nowadays.

Izak said...

yes, she is showing the soft side
and i love the first picture!

Anonymous said...

I think it's all. These are some photos for a Nina Ricci feature, not a normal editorial.

Daul is a good model but for me she is becoming too too thin now, it's hard to appreciate her on the runway.

Anonymous said...

daul is amazing model... actually she is famous for being so versatile in editorials...she can do angry can do quirky and can do very beautiful demure sultry looks too!

Anonymous said...

um... she looks weird

Anonymous said...

i disagree daul is wonderful! =)