Thursday, July 3, 2008

Han Jin Editorial for Korea Harper's Bazaar, February 2008

Why isn't Han Jin getting any offers for major ad campaigns like Du Juan and Hye Park?

Model: Han Jin & male model
Editorial: Modern Attitude
Magazine: Korea Harper's Bazaar, February 2008
Photographer: Byun Soon Choe

Source: van-hun @ tFs


qifa said...

but she's swept more runway shows than du and hye...perhaps hye and du feature is more......likeable? prettier maybe?? hehhehe

Anonymous said...

(Sigh)...I don't think you've look at Han's previous body of work in ad campaigns, editorials, catalogs, and commercial, etc.

Speak of that, compare her to Hye's and Du's then, Han isn't sell any products enough to get client's attention.

Again, Han is master at runway shows, no question at all.

Not that Han isn't good model; because she doesn't have "spark" in the pictures like Hye and Du have.

Han definitely needs to work on her weakness: posture, facial expressive, and presents the storyline, period.

Hey, I'm not Han hater!! Ok, she will do well at runway shows as long as she works on her weakness.

Okay, enough said.

Anonymous said...

I love Han, but it's because there is hardly enough room for more than a few asian models.

And even though Han sweeps up the most runway (most done in NY), it is usually Hyerim that does the shows with the casting directors that matter (ie. russell, angus, etc).

It's just how the industry is, unfortunately. She definitely deserves more editorial work. i absolutely loved her anna molinari ads.

Anonymous said...
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