Friday, June 13, 2008

Emma Pei Editorial for China Vogue, June 2008

Model: Emma Pei
Editorial: The Power Of Art
Magazine: China Vogue, June 2008
Photographer: Nick Haymes
Stylist: Julia von Boehm

Source: VogueModel


Anonymous said...

something about her lips i don't like

Rock.The.Trend. said...

gorgeous! the styling is excellent and her child-like face is so made for this editorial

art kids said...

i love this so much. a great editorial.

Anonymous said...

the theme is exactly the same as the one she did for Teen Vogue

FND said...

ive always adored emma's non conventional appeal. she is actually really good looking in person..super slim but really gorgeous and has a great smile.

Lucy said...

oh my god...I'm in love with this photo editorial. <3