Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mo Wandan Editorial for China Vogue, December 2007

Model: Mo Wandan
Editorial: A Sublime Palette
Magazine: China Vogue, December 2007
Photographer: Jason Capobianco

Source: OriginalSin@tFs


Anonymous said...

wow i really like her silouhette.

oh buy the way Ford models and
VMAN magazine is doing a contest.
it is for male models and we sure want more asian male models!!!

vote for Izak and let's make him win!

the model number is 6586!
please vote :)

qifa said...

you should featured azura..malaysian supermodel....well i think you know her.. looking great...but her face kinda same too me though in every frames......

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

she is good..she have the how she put her body and creat a masterpose!!!supergoddess

Anonymous said...


FND said...

mo is awesome. totes gorgeous.

hmm. not feeling the asian guy u suggested. he needs something. the face is semi interesting. how about a haircut? or something. not sure what. the lips are interesting. but something is lacking.

Just IMHO.

FND said...

the same face in every frame thing comment is so tyra banks. the most important thing is achieving gorgeous photos that is usable. Facial expression is important but what Tyra say is very misleading to what the industry actually looks for. In the end its about the how she came out in the photo. Its abt how the model responds to a photog's request. And abt how everything works in the end results. Its not abt how good you are, but abt how good you are to work with. That's success.