Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gwen Lu Magazine Covers & Editorials for (Greek) Vima Donna, September 2007 & (Greek) 4essera, Spring/Summer 2008

Found new photos on her Greek agency, AceModels.

Model: Gwen Lu
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: (Greek) 4essera, Spring/Summer 2008
Photographer: Tassos Vrettos/D-Tales


Model: Gwen Lu
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: (Greek) Vima Donna, November 2007
Photographer: Vangelis Kiris

Source: AceModels


Rock.The.Trend. said...

Well I actually hoped that she would have made it big at the international scene. But apparently it was Mo Wan Dan and Liu Wen who stole the show last season. Better luck next time girl.

Anonymous said...

trust me
she's not gonna be the next it girl

Anonymous said...

to get noticed you have to be 5'10" so you can book fashion week shows but she's not tall enough

whiterabbitpress said...

funny that you say that, I met and photographed her backstage at Japan Fashion Week
but yeah, I guess JFW is pretty minor compared to other fashion week shows