Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nanda Hampe Ad Campaign for Clinique Happy

Nanda Hampe is half Thai and half German.

Model: Nanda Hampe
Ad Campaign: Clinique Happy, Spring/Summer 2003
Photographer: Perry Sirota

Models: Nanda Hampe, Karen Elson, Jade Parfitt & Noemie Lenoir
Ad Campaign: Clinique Happy, Spring/Summer 2001
Photographer: Peggy Sirota

Source: Google


Anonymous said...

I believe those ads were photographed by Peggy Sirota.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks, anon.

I checked Peggy Sirota's site and she is indeed the photographer.

I appreciate the information.

Punkimeowzer said...

Formerly anon. I signed up.

You're welcome. I used to work for Clinique and remember that campaign.

I really enjoy your website. I work in the industry and try to present Asian models whenever I get the chance!

Anonymous said...

That is Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin not Noemie Lenoir.

Anonymous said...

Nanda has 25 % german and 75% thai ,because her mother is thai and her father is half thai-half german.
She is so cute