Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Juliana Imai Editorial and Magazine Cover for China Vogue, January 2008

I know Juliana Imai has been around since S/S 2005 (that a long time in modeling years) and she has such an interesting look. She's half-Japanese/half-Brazilian and in some editorials, she looks completely Asian. Wish she would get more high profile work.

Model: Juliana Imai
Editorial: Ready to Show
Magazine: China Vogue, Beauty Supplement, January 2008
Photographer: Sofia & Mauro

Source: Vinicius@FordModel.Br


Belle said...

she's pretty of course, but her expression in the last picture reminds me of L in Deathnote: The Movie. The deadpan stare.

Fashion Tidbits said...

woah! she has an awesome face!

Secret Agent said...

She looks great in these shots. Really high fashion. She usually does a lot more commercial stuff, right?

nannies crochet said...

lovin her look@!

Anonymous said...
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Asian Models Blogger said...

Love the Medusa hair in the first editorial page.