Monday, March 17, 2008

Kyung-Ah Song Editorial for (Canada) Fashion Magazine, September 2005

I am soooo IN LOVE with this editorial with Kyung-Ah Song. I haven't seen anything this spectacular since Hye Park's editorial for Flair, Decemeber 2005.

Model: Kyung-An Song
Editorial: In The Mood For Love
Magazine: Fashion Magazine, September 2005
Photographer: Gabor Jurina
Makeup: Van Ngo Hung



Rock.The.Trend. said...

I am in love with it too.
In the Mood for Love is like one of the most iconic chinese movies around and I can totally feel the atmosphere of this ed. I have the fourth one as my desktop now!

Fashion Tidbits said...

wow, this is fantastic!! definitely better visuals that most of her editorials in Vogue Korea!

Anonymous said...

personally I think it's a horrid photoshoot base on In the Mood For Love. This model is practically wrong for the theme. She's expressionless/cold. The pose in the third picture is just awkward. When I saw this in the magazine, I thought it looked cheap and a poor rip off of the movie or its theme.