Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Feb 5, 2008

This is an INCOMPLETE list of shows based on images from Style.com, NYMag.com and Elle.com.

Number of Shows this Season
Han Jin: 17
Hye Park: 14
Mo Wandan: 9
Daul Kim: 9
Emma Pei: 8
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 8
Hyoni Kang: 7
Du Juan: 6
Anne Watanabe: 4
Hyun Yi Lee: 5
Mackenzie Hamilton: 4
Sonny Zhou: 3
Gwen Lu: 2
Dinara Chetyrova: 2
Philip Huang: 2
Shan: 1
Shih-han Hsiao: 1
Stephanie Shiu: 1

Model: Daul Kim
Designer: Benjamin Cho

Model: Hye Park
Designer: Diesel

Model: Mackenzie Hamilton
Designer: Angel Sanchez

Models: Anne Watanabe, Hyun Yi Lee & Unknown
Designer: Vivienne Tam

Models: Daul Kim & Gwen Lu
Designer: Tory Burch

Model: Han Jin
Designer: Matthew Williamson

Model: Hye Park
Designer: Behnaz Sarafpour

Models: Han Jin & Hyoni Kang
Designer: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Models: Anne Watanabe, Hyoni Kang & Mackenzie Hamilton
Designer: Karen Walker

Models: Hye Park & Mo Wandan
Designer: Narciso Rodriguez

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva & Unknown
Designer: Koi Suwannagate

Model: Emma Pei
Designer: J Mendel

Model: Han Jin
Designer: Badgerly Mischka

Model: Han Jin
Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Model: Mo Wandan
Designer: Mara Hoffman

Models: Daul Kim & Hye Park
Designer: Rodarte

Models: Hyoni Kang & Hyun Yi Lee
Designer: Verrier


Anonymous said...

Thats actually Hye Park at Rodarte and not Du Juan.

The model at Mara Hoffman is Mo Wandan.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks, anon.

When I was looking through the photos, I wasn't sure who the girls were but when you told me that it was Hye at Rodarte and Mo Wandan at Mara Hoffman, it was like....of course!!

Anonymous said...

No problem. :)

BTW, who is Lee? I've think I've seen her around a lot and have never been able to put a name to a face. Do you know her agenct?

Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon - Lee is with Major.

Scroll down to my January 27 entry and Lee's score card and agency photo were posted.

Or click Lee's Score Card.

Anonymous said...

lee ,name is lee hyun
korea supermodel

love hye park

Anonymous said...



FND said...

Once again Miss Emma Pei is looking flawless.

CHIC NOIR said...

I am so angry that du juan has not gotten more shows. I hope she does better in Paris. Gwen Lou is very preety. I love those pantyhose at rodarte.

FND said...

This is fun. My guesses.

Koi Suwannagate.
Could the unknown be Hyoni with more eye make up?.
Tory Burch. Yes, that's Gwen but I guess she gained some weight :)

Vivienne Tam.
The unknown for Vivienne Tam looks like Liu Dan? And the 2nd girl looks more like Sonny Zhou than Lee.

From Previous.
Baby Phat - Eugenia, Lee, Dinara, Liu Dan.

Anonymous said...

Vivien Tam third photo is Sonny Zhou. She has a personal website www.sonnyzhou.com

Yes, I think Gwen gained weight and looked older.

Anonymous said...

Lee is a really boring generic family name. Her given name is Hyun-yi which is cool.