Thursday, February 14, 2008

London Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Feb 10-13, 2008

This is not a complete list of shows by the models. All photos are taken from on or London Fashion Week.

Number of Shows this Season
Emma Pei: 6
Toa Okamoto: 6
Daul Kim: 3
Mo Wandan: 3
Du Juan: 2
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 2
Mackenzie Hamilton: 2
Zhang Xue: 1

Models: Emma Pei & Tao Okamoto
Designer: Amanda Wakeley, Fall 2008

Model: Du Juan
Designer: Aquascutum, Fall 2008

Model: Mo Wandan
Designer: Basso & Brooke, Fall 2008

Model: Emma Pei
Designer: Betty Jackson, Fall 2008

Models: Emma Pei, Mo Wandan & Tao Okamoto
Designer: Biba, Fall 2008

Models: Daul Kim, Tao Okamoto & Zhang Xue
Designer: Duro Olowu

Model: Tao Okamoto
Designer: Jaeger London, Fall 2008

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva
Designer: Jasper Conran

Model: Tao Okamoto
Designer: John Rocha, Fall 2008

Model: Mo Wandan
Designer: Louise Goldin, Fall 2008

Models: Daul Kim, Emma Pei, Eugenia Mandzhieva & Mackenzie Hamilton
Designer: Nathan Jenden, Fall 2008

Model: Emma Pei
Designer: Nicole Farhi, Fall 2008

Models: Daul Kim & Mackenzie Hamilton
Designer: Richard Nicoll, Fall 2008

Models: Du Juan & Tao Okamoto
Designer: Roksanda Ilincic, Fall 2008

Model: Emma Pei
Designer: Sinha-Stanic, Fall 2008


Anonymous said...

The girl in green at Doru Olowu is chinese model Zhang Xue (with FM Agency in london)

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks anon for the info on Zhang Xue and David Sims.

Anonymous said...

A good resource is going into the individual threads of the models at TFS. They usually are up to date with their list.

I believe Han Jin did 30 shows in NY and Hye did 21. And, there are others as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Pei Bei's last show in London was she is in Milan and after that will go to Paris where she will do very well.

FND said...

Team Emma Pei! he he.

FND said...

I was just surprised with the number of shows clocked by Hanjin in NY, is she a totally no show in London? Hye Park too..

Anonymous said...

go to elle dot com and look at the Allegra Hicks show...zhang xue was there.