Monday, February 4, 2008

New York Fashion Week Fall 2008: Feb 2, 2008

This is an INCOMPLETE list of shows based on images from,, and

Number of Shows this Season
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 5
Han Jin: 5
Hye Park: 5
Daul Kim: 4
Mo Wandan: 4
Hyoni Kang: 4
Emma Pei: 3
Dinara Chetyrova: 2
Du Juan: 2
Gwen Loo: 1
Anne Watanabe: 1
Hyun Yi Lee: 2
Mackenzie Philip: 1
Philip Huang: 1
Shan: 1
Shih-han Hsiao: 1
Sonny Zhou: 1
Stephanie Shiu: 1

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva
Designer: Abaete

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva & Hye Park
Designer: Sass & Bide

Model: Du Juan
Designer: Ruffian

Model: Daul Kim
Designer: Sari Gueron

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva, Hyun Yi Lee & Mo Wandan
Designer: James Coviello

Models: Du Juan & Hye Park
Designer: Alexander Wang

Models: Anne Watanabe & Hyoni
Designer: United Bamboo

Model: Han Jin
Designer: Costello Tagliapietra

Model: Han Jin
Designer: Lacoste

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva, Hye Park & Hyoni
Designer: Jeremy Laing

Models: Stephanie Shiu, Eugenia Mandzhieva, Lee, Unknown1 (7-8) & Unknown2 (9 -10)
Designer: Baby Phat

Source:,, &


Anonymous said...

First unknown at Baby Phat might be Stephanie Shiu, but not 100% sure.

Anonymous said...


i love hye park , juan

hye park and du juan today alexander wang , hye park sass & bide

good luck

Anonymous said...

Dinara C for UNK 1.

mallory said...

You can also check for other shows not covered by style :)

Anonymous said...


there is NO GWEN in JAMES COVELLO and BABY PHAT. Its both EUGENIA @ TRUMP. I was at both shows.

Anonymous said...

I think you should called her Gwen Lu. Though it is pronounced 'loo', Lu is normal and 'loo' means a toilet. ^^

Btw Hyejin is now on 10 shows!

Notice that the Chinese models are taking over from the Koreans...and the japanese models have vanished. Pei Bei has done the best; booking the best shows from a low starting point. She has the age and weight advantage over Mo,Du,Hye-Rim and Hye-Jin but the least beautiful face IMO.

FND said...

Hmm..I think all the girls you marked in this post as Gwen is not her. The Katy Rodriguez one from previous is her tho.However, my heart belongs to Miss Emma Pei this season! The Nicole Miller & BCBG ones are so fab.

I think Hyoni will grow into her look s soon.

Secret Agent said...

Hmmm... Stephanie Shiu looks kinda funny and a bit uncomfortable...although it's hard to tell.
Hyoni's that new Ford girl, right? I like her. She looks great.

Secret Agent said...

and as far as "anonymous's" comment about Chinese taking over the Koreans and the Japanese...why does that matter?

CHIC NOIR said...

Du Juan is gorgeous, someone said her carrer is falling fast. Black and Asian models must work toeather if they expect work.

Secret Agent said...

Why is Du Juan's career falling?

Anonymous said...

Maybe because she's a boring model...your opinion may vary, of course. :)

I think Du is probably one of the prettiest models working (not just asian models), however, she really has like 2 looks and is boring as hell.

But, to answer your question, she does ok on the runway, but its rarely seen in editorials and ad campaigns outside of China. She certainly hasn't booked anything huge since that season where she did Vuitton, YSL, etc.

CHIC NOIR said...

@ secret agent- I don't know. Thats a comment I read somewhere, but I love Du Juan.

FND said...

I think Du Juan and Mo Wandan are the only two asian girls that could be sensual enough and big enough to land a Victoria Secret campaign. So I dont think its over for Du Juan yet. Its abt time VS to have an Asian girl anyways.

Du Juan is beautiful and her face can take really strong make up and Ive yet to see a bad picture of her. But you know, fashion is trivial...sometimes designer just wants to try something new.

I used to not like HanJin coz I think she looks too rough and bitchy but now I love her for her unique look.

My bet this season is for Emma Pei (I think im repeating myself too much) to land as the coveted asian girl face for the upcoming campaigns. This is just NY so far. We havent seen how this bookings would lead to Milan, Paris & London.

Anonymous said...

Anne Watanabe is a model only because of her famous dad Ken Watanabe.