Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ein Tan Editorial from Elite Models Portfolio

Love this editorial!! Why isn't she getting more high profile work instead of doing catalogs and B-list magazines?

Model: Ein Tan

Source: Elite Model


Secret Agent said...

...because she isn't lucky. A lot of those money-making skeletons out there are only making lotsa money because they happened to be some place at a special time. Luck plays a big part in a world like unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

OMG, she is just too gorgeous! I personally think she has more of a unique look compared to her sister!
Her features are not only feminine but very feline like.

FND said...

I worked with her once when she first started, I think she was 16 (braces and all, stunning face nonetheless), and she was pretty easy to work with but you know the buzz around her was that she's Ling's sister. Ling was still working then and you know Ling is well known for being one of the nicest + hardworking girl in the I think people still would rather book Ling than Ein.

But I agree with Secret Agent. Its all about placing. If you're declared the face of the moment, then you will be (Ling, to Devon to Ai Tominaga, Du Juan, Hye Park & Hanjin...and now Miss Menon (tho she's not oriental) despite how beautiful, not everone gets lucky.

nannies crochet said...

She looks good for commercial stuffs. But her look is not edgy enough for hi-fashion editorial.

maybe she should consider acting?

FND said...

Is she too short to do runway? Just wondering. I dont remember her being that tall but I could be wrong.