Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hyoni Kang Editorial for New York Times' Style Magazine, Fall 2008

Hyoni Kang, who won the Supermodel of the World competition in January 2008, has had quite year (with 3 more months to go) so far. After signing with the competition sponsor Ford Models, her career took off like a race horse out of the gates. She quickly scored a magazine cover on Korea Vogue for April 2008 (with Hye Park) followed by numerous editorial work in catalogs and magazines in New York and South Korea.

Hyoni Kang's most significant success to date, undoubtedly is on the runway where she booked more shows than most runway veterans at the recent New York Fashion Week. All in all, she walked in 17 shows including top labels like Michael Kors, DKNY and 3.1 Philip Lim. She also opened two shows (Chris Han and Travolta) and closed one (Nanette Lapore), which was a huge coup for a new girl in New York.

This editorial, for New York Times' Style Magazine, Fall 2008, is one of her best so far, in my opinion. The energy of the models is amazing and the styling is top-notch. Despite having to share the pages with other models, Hyoni Kang really shines here. I especially love her poses in Photos #1, 2 and 4.

Model: Hyoni Kang & other models
Editorial:The Strip - Pickup Pix
Magazine: T Magazine (New York Times Supplement), Fall 2008
Photographer: Robert Wyatt

Source: NYTimes


Anonymous said...

Indeed, she will have a great long-term modeling career in frenzy high-fashion industry.

Anonymous said...

love hyoni!

this girl has personality!

Anonymous said...

the thing with her is that her leg looks very short in certain clothes

hope she will find a way or a photographer will shoot her in angles where her legs are elongated

or she can take some yoga classes!

Punkimeowzer said...

Thanks for the update on Hyoni. I'm glad to hear that she's well on her way. I was in the audience at the Supermodel competition earlier this year and thought she was adorable. I agree that she has a bright future in modeling.

Mel said...

I think she'll do well!

Kent Johnson said...

Very cool fashion series. this sort of Shoot is much tougher than it look!

Anonymous said...

I would say Hyoni is over but she never made it in the first place.

She doesn't have the face and she certainly doesn't have the body.

Michael Kors, DKNY, 3.1 Philip lim are unimportant. No one in Europe pays attention to these shows. Only Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs have some importance and maybe a couple of others.

Don't know why you're so enthusiastic about her or this catalogue style editorial.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon, I don't disagree with much of your comments. You are absolutely correct about the importance of Marc Jacobs's show in NY. Calvin Klein is important but not internationally. Michael Kors probably had a better reputation when he was designing for Celine in Paris.

That said, NOT every model is destine for the heights of Du Juan, not even popular models like Hye Park or Han Jin. When a model (any model - white, black or Asian) gets booked for a show or an editorial, it is a coup for her because there are dozens of other girls on the agency rosters that aren't getting work.

So IT IS exciting to see models like Hyoni Kang and Gwen Lu working regularly, even if the work isn't for Valentino or Prada. It means that they are making a living as models, instead of waiting tables at restaurants.

Anonymous said...

I think Hyoni is a very cute girl. That being said, when i see pictures of her i just think she is of a normal height and nothing spectaular. She has a long torso and shorter legs than most models.