Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anna Wang Editorial for China Vogue, June 2007

Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: China Vogue, June 2007
Photographer: Greg Kadel

Credit: Photos from Greg Kadel Studios.


Secret Agent said...

Wow these are amazing. I bet she almost died after doing that shoot. All those jumps. At least she got a workout.

carly L said...

Wow, I thought I recognised these pics. They're in Vogue Australia but in the Sept. edition! Could they be recycling? Our are we just behind? lol
Anyway I really liked the spread :)

Asi Mod said...

Miss Minnie - Australian Vogue is notorious for recycling other countries' Vogue covers and editorials.

Check out the debate on Rock The Trend.

Anonymous said...

i really love her face. such a strong presence. but she doesnt get a lot of work does she? I wish to see more of Anna Wong. She has this glamorous, almost masculine face which is unique kinda like how Agyness is. She needs to get to NY!

Now my fave is of course Anna, Emma and Du Juan..