Saturday, September 20, 2008

Philip Huang in Macy's Catalog, September 2008

I am soooooo in love with this photo. [Click on the photo to see the large format.] I think it's something to do with the dark suits with pastel colored backgrounds that makes this photo pop. Or maybe it's the styling where everyone looked like they were having a great time in Chinatown.

Models: Philip Huang and others
Catalog: Macy's Men's Fashion, September 2008
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Macy's


Anonymous said...

i love your blog (seriously i check it EVERYDAY) BUT, i cannot stand this picture!! they LOOK like models who were told to hold parasols and SMILE!! SMILE BIG!. LAUGH!!! i dont understand why these outfits had to be shot in chinatown. looks more like wallstreet to me.. suits always look nice tho =D

Anonymous said...

philip is just so boring. there are so many better asian guys around.

Anonymous said...

well..a lot of photoshoots are directed and the theme for this photoshoot is looking happy in chinatown

I think it's a great photo and happy that there is an Asian guy in there. We definitely need Asian male models, they are beautiful, charismatic, and fashionable.

Mel said...

haha while i do agree that this pic is rather robotic and bland. the models are great and frankly, huang looks quite good here!

Tok said...

philp is coolllllllllllll!

i love your blog too!

The bigger the photo the best!