Thursday, September 4, 2008

Emma Pei Ad Campaign for Lane Crawford, Fall 2008/Winter 2009

Lane Crawford, the luxury departmental store in Hong Kong and Beijing, is seeking international recognition by buying ad pages in magazines outside of China and Hong Kong. I remembered seeing the Spring/Summer 2008 ads (featuring Du Juan) in the US last season. The new Fall 2008/Winter 2009 ads featuring Emma Pei are now in the September 2008 issue of (US) W Magazine.

Emma Pei looks like a boy in the left photo and a girl in the right photo below. The stylist and photographer did a great job featuring two totally different looks using the same model. Does anyone know who the photographer is in this ads?

Model: Emma Pei
Ad Campaign: Lane Crawford, Fall 2008/Winter 2009
Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh

Source: Sethii @ tFs


Secret Agent said...

Her "boy" looks awesome.

Lucy said...

yessss Emma Pei is still in the fashion scene!

Anonymous said...

i heard this girl's a bit**
people said hyoni and emma pei look alike and both heard this story. when hyoni finally saw her she was trying to be really friendly when emma pei coldly ignored her and walked right pass her


Rock.The.Trend. said...

i think it's inez & vinoodh again right? just guessing :)

i want to see her getting more work! she was in singapore earlier this year, gorgeous babe!

Anonymous said...

Hyoni and Emma Pei look alike?? Anyone who says that is suffering from the all-Asians-look-alike disease!

Anonymous said...

there is video of hyoni being interviewed and that is what she said..not the bit** part but how she was trying to be friendly and approached her that emma gave her a cold ignore

Anonymous said...

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