Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anne Watanabe in Nordstrom Catalog, February 2008

Anne Watanabe has done reasonably well despite her shorter-than-average stature among international models. Her NY agency (DNA) lists her at 5'9" although I suspect she's more like 5'8" -- Kate Moss is 5'6" and very successful.

Nonetheless, she has been a regular at the New York Fashion Week since her debut in Spring/Summer 2006, booking 9 shows during her first season including Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and DvF. Her European exposure was, however much less stellar. She appeared in Paris and Milan for a couple of seasons in 2006-07 but haven't been back since. Her most high profile work to date have been an ad campaign for Anna Sui's fragrance, Secret Wish and another for Francois Nar's cosmetic in Fall 2006.

Many models came and went during this period of time but Anne Watanabe is still here. She booked a stunning editorial for Nordstrom's February 2008 catalog earlier this year. I think Photos #5 and #6 are simply spectacular.

Model: Anne Watanabe
Catalog: Nordstrom, February 2008
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Nordstrom


FND said...

I find Anne really cute though not very outstanding, but not every model have to be singular stunner. I love that cover of was it Vogue Japan or Spur Japan that she did where she was very va va voom. Hot! However I believe Anne would be the perfect Victoria Secret Angel if her agent decides to reposition her..

Oh and her dad is muchos hot! OUCH!

Anonymous said...

She's no Kate Moss. She's nothing but her last fame name, Watanabe.