Thursday, August 9, 2007

Du Juan, Emma Pei, Stephanie Shiu & MacKenzie Hamilton in China Vogue 2nd Anniversary Issue

Models: Stephanie Shiu, Du Juan, MacKenzie Hamilton, Emma Pei
Magazine: China Vogue, September 2007 (2nd Anniversary Issue)
Photographer: Greg Kadel

Credit: Photo from Richards Models.

Special Thanks: Original information from Secret Agent.


Secret Agent said...

No problem. I was just browsing and thought it would be a nice addition to your cool blog. So, did you know Stephanie and MacKenzie are from Vancouver (that's where I'm from). Stephanie is friends with my friends and went to the high school that I was supposed to go to!

I sound lame and like a stalker.

I just think it's cool how all these Canadian models are doing so and women models.

rocketrend said...

Just a minder, Hye Park is being featured as the only-girl in this ad campaign:
go check it out! love the make up!

Anonymous said...

have you seen emma pei in the most recent teen vogue? i saw a picture of it and i think that they made her look so horrible. what do you guys thing?

donna said...

Greg Kade is the photographer for this cover.

donna said...

Made a little type there - it's actually Greg Kadel! Sorry for the double post.

Secret Agent said...

Well actually, it's been rumored that it was originally shot by Patrick Demarchelier, but was then reshot by Greg Kadel. So, Kadel is the photog, but the vision was probably Demarchelier's.

But then again, it's all rumors.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks for all your input, guys! I would never be able to do this without you.


The Stiletto Effect said...

oh! wish i could buy this vogue in my country!

Quin said...

I like asian models but these ones aren't that appealing.

Anonymous said...

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