Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hye Park Ad Campaign for Tiffany & Co. Fall 2008/Winter 2009

Hye Park is in another major ad campaign! This is her 2nd major campaign this season.

But compared to last season's robin blue and white color scheme, this season's ads for Tiffany & Co. are a let down. The colors are mustard yellow, purple, ink blue and beige -- what were they thinking? Does anyone even notice the jewelries? All I see is the purple jacket.

N.B.: Love Hye! I met her in SoHo last Spring and she was so sweet and obliging for a photo-op with me. But I won't post it here cos' nobody needs to see my ugly face. :-)

Model: Hye Park
Ad Campaign: Tiffany & Co., Fall 2008/Winter 2009
Photographer: Michael Thompson

Source: Luxx @ tFs


Anonymous said...

I love your blog.
Many congrats, Cecilia Nam

Anonymous said...

at least the make-up is not bad haha~

Sensational Won said...

she is amazing in every ad!!

Anonymous said...

you starting to complain a lot about edits and ads these days

Ming the Merciless said...
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Asian Models Blogger said...

Anon, thanks for noticing my recent complaints, or as I would like to call it, commentaries/opinions. :-)

Actually, a fellow NYC fashion blogger and I met for coffee recently and we discussed about the lack of essay on this blog. For the longest time, all I did was post the photos and said nothing. Also, I used to just post any photos with Asian models on here, whether they were nice or awful.

So I decided to try something new: add my commentary/opinion/complaint/praise to see your reactions. :-)

To be fair, it wasn't complaints all the time. I did have wonderful things to say about Han Jin's editorial, LA Confidential.

Again, thanks for your input. I will try to be less whiny next time.


Nicole Linette said...

Hi! I stumbled upon when I was searching for pictures of Hye Park (I'm doing a post on models myself, actually) and it's fantastic! You met Hye?! That's amazing. She's so cool and it's great she landed the Tiffany campaign. I agree about the jacket though ... what bracelet? :)

As for your previous post, I love Haper's Bazaar, they make fantastic spreads.


Anonymous said...

It is ok. Yeah, I can see clothes except the jewelry. But, only can barely see round of the jewelry.

I think something do with Michael Thompson because, lack of creativity and originality.

Hye Park isn't at her best work in this ad campaign. Again, it is ok.

Anonymous said...

love it ,

Akuma2636 said...

Hey, just wanted to say I love your blog... I stumbled upon it when I was trying to find pictures of Tominaga Ai :D... Ever since then I've been hooked...

I have my own blog dedicated to pictures of gorgeous asian women, not only fashion models but singers, actresses, and anyone else I come across :D... I'm going to add a link to your site on my blog because of how much I adore it ^-^