Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eugenia Mandzhieva & Hye Park Editorial for Korean Magazine

I absolutely love this editorial with Eugenia Mandzhieva and Hye Park set on the streets of NYC. You can literally feel the energy from the photos. The hair, makeup and clothes are simply beautiful but realistic and practical. The girls are smiling and excited about their shopping trip in the city.

It's from a Korean magazine but I don't know which one it was. Was this from Korea Vogue? If so, which issue was it from? Does anyone know?

Hye Park in Photo #8 is spectacular -- she is like a burst of sunshine in that photo!! And Eugenia Mandzhieva is such an underrated model. They need to put her in more magazine editorials!

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva & Hye Park
Editorial: Independent Spirits
Magazine: Korean Vogue ?!?!?
Photographer: Marc Baptiste

Source: Photos 1-7 from tFs and Photos 8-11 from Marc Baptiste Site


Prism Reflection said...

Never heard about Eugenia Mandzhieva , but i have to say she's amazing, picture#5 is the killer one!

Anonymous said...

You missed two more hye photos:

Anonymous said...

i think it's better to have Du Juan and Hye Park together in this editorial

Anonymous said...

To Prism Reflection,

Are you serious?! She came from Russia. Yeah, her name say it all. But, her look screams ASIAN!

Anyway, my point is that she is probably most underrated model of them all. She did booked Vera Wang ad campaign.

So, that's no excuse for you to not know some models in the fashion industry since you are "aspiring" fashion photographer.

Anyway, editorials are good to me in some ways.

thwany said...

korean magazines are THE best!

Asian Models Blogger said...

There are two other Asian-looking models from Russia, namely Irina Pantaeva from the early 1990s and up-and-coming model, Dinara Chetyrova.

Guadeloupe said...

Hye and Eugenia M ROCK these shots!! Both are stunning girls. In some shots Eugenia reminds me of the beautiful Irina Pantaeva. Hye is getting more beautiful in every shot I see of her.

alluretone said...

hye looks absolutely stunning in all these. i agree photo #8- shes like the sunshine!

Fashion Tidbits said...

argh!!!!!!!!! this is fantastic!!!!argh!!!!! this why i love NY

vipgal said...

both models are so glamorous!! great editorial

Anonymous said...

great post. du juan and hye look exactly the same to me!