Monday, July 9, 2007

Han Jin Editorial for Korea Vogue, June 2007

Editorial: White In Mystery
Photographer: Park Kyung Il
Magazine: Korea Vogue, June 2007

Credit: Photos from Korea Vogue Online.


The Stiletto Effect said...

HI!!! :)
wow I really like this Editorial, she is amazing!
your blog is really great and your idea of document the visibility of asian models is awesome and a great ideia. I like asian models very much.
I was checking the blog when I saw you added me to your blog listings. Thank you so much I am flattered :)
I'm going to add you also (because I really like your blog), to The Stiletto Effect and to my other blog Susana Daily ( The Susana Daily is under construction right now, but will be running again soon :)

Secret Agent said...

I really like these pictures, they look so awesome. She looks really tanned.

.m. said...

these pictures are gorgeous!!

salianta said...

Wow! interesting pictures.

Anonymous said...

her face is so weird